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    Varicose veins are most common in the superficial veins of the legs, subject to high pressure when standing. This oil is extracted from the flowers of Helichrysum spp. However, if varicose veins cause itching, ulceration, eczema, or pain, they may be concurrent with deep vein thrombosis, which is a serious issue that should be handled by medical professionals. Varicosis, or varicose veins, caused by weakened valves in the veins of the legs, refers to a condition in which the veins of the legs become varicose, i. They appear swollen and bulging and can be discerned beneath the surface of the skin. Varicose veins often bulge above the surface of the skin, but they are not always visible.
    Fortunately, however, varicose veins are rarely a serious problem- just an unsightly one. Sclerotherapy involves an injection of a solution ( generally a salt solution) directly into the vein. Common risk factors Family history, aging, being overweight or obese, and working at jobs requiring prolonged standing can increase the risk for varicose veins. Ayurvedic Treatment of Varicosis ( Varicose Veins) Posted on Sunday, September 27th, at 2: 21 pm. It involves injecting chemicals, known as sclerosing agents, into damaged veins. This causes blood to collect and increase pressure in the veins of your legs. Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that treats varicose veins and spider veins. And has anticoagulant and anesthetic properties. Varicose veins are caused by valves in your veins that do not work properly. Besides being a cosmetic problem, varicose veins can be painful, especially when standing. Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure used to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins. The increased pressure causes your veins to stretch, get larger, swell, and twist. Varicose vein spp shkaqe. It can prevent the formation of clots in the pooled blood within varicose veins. Severe long- standing varicose veins can lead to leg swelling, venous eczema, skin thickening ( lipodermatosclerosis) and ulceration.

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